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Commercial Use Of The Tamb

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Posted 07 May 2005 - 06:50 PM

Recent discussions have raised questions about posters who use the board in conjuction with their business interests. It is clear from these threads that some clarification is needed.

1. This core purpose of this message board is to allow members of the Tartan Army to come together on the internet to swap information, ideas and banter. Non Tartan Army users of the board are welcome as long as they observe the rules and join in with the spirit of the board.

2. The board is NOT here for the free use of any individuals or companies to use as part of their commercial activities. But anyone with commercial interests relevant to the Tartan Army MAY use the board to bring their services to the attention of board users in accordance with the general TAMB policy on Travel Offers and Advertisements posted at the top of each travel forum. Please refer to these pinned posts for full text.

All commercial use of the board should be limited to a simple outline of what is being offered with details of websites, e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers to enable board users to make direct contact with the company. Bookings and queries should be carried out by private contact between individuals and the company - not on the board.

Extract from guidance - "multiple threads about the same trip will be merged"

Where companies, individuals and groups have organised a particular trip or are providing services around a particular fixture, all information should be posted in a single thread. This is intended to allow all information to be brought to members attention in one place, but also intended to prevent excessive use of the TAMB for promoting or organising these trips and services.

Extract from guidance - "If numbers continue to rise we may restrict travel offers to a list of contact details and brief outline"

Where we consider commercial use of the board to go beyond the spirit of our guidelines we may limit postings to only a brief outline and contact details as stated. This will apply to all companies, individuals and groups posting details of any travel services they are organising, promoting or selling on the board.

Note: we may from time to time revise our position on any of the above if future events on the board highlight additional unforeseen problems.

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Posted 30 July 2008 - 08:32 AM

We have redrafted our rules about travel agents and companies posting on this board as follows.

One of the most useful features of the TAMB is sharing travel tips, information and deals. Originally this was mainly individuals swapping information, but from time to time TAMB members and TA Clubs organise trips, busses, hotels, transfers, ferries, planes, trains and automobiles for their members and the wider TA.

Please note that all travel offers on this board are not vetted or approved by the admin team and that the TAMB is in no way connected to any of these offers. It is entirely up to individual posters to confirm the authenticity and veracity of anyone advertising their organised trips etc, and where appropriate you should ensure that there is ATOL/ABTA cover, insurance, etc as well as checking the cancellation policies and booking conditions. All bookings are made at your own risk.

Any commercial agents or companies wishing to advertise their trips should e-mail admin@tamb.net and subject to our discretion you may be allowed to post one thread outlining your trip - on condition that you are only posting for information and that all contact and queries will be dealt with by private e-mail, not on this board! Alternatively you may e-mail advertising@ tamb.net and ask about formally advertising and contributing towards the costs of running this board.

The TAMB is run by supporters for supporters and while we welcome those who organise trips and help our members travel to games we are not here to be exploited by commercial agents or companies touting their business, and we also have a duty to protect the interests of those who have paid to advertise their services on here.