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Board Guidelines

Welcome to the Tartan Army Message Board!! (TAMB)


This message board is intended to fulfil a serious function for the Tartan Army, but it's also important that we don't take ourselves too seriously. Humour is the fundamental requirement for membership of the Tartan Army. So, when you’re logging on, just check that your sense of humour is switched on.
It's not compulsory to like everyone and it's perfectly acceptable to argue, but please refrain from abusive language and personal attacks.
The Moderators and Administrators (aka Board Polis) are unpaid volunteers who love Scotland and are prepared to put their free time, friendships and integrity on the line to help protect this Message Board for the enjoyment of all members of the Tartan Army, and their guests.
They are also fallible. So, if you think they've got it wrong please remember they are doing the best they can. Be nice to them and they will be nice back.
If you've just registered you'll need to wait a bit longer before you can post. This will normally be within 24 hours, but may take up to 48 hours.
If you have registered in the past 8 days and try to start a new topic you will get the following error:
Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum
This is normal. Newbies will have the word "Newbies" under their name. After 5 days it will say TAMBer - you can then post your own topic.

The Golden Rules
1. The Administrators' and Moderators' words are final.
2. Respect your fellow board members, even when they don't deserve it!
3. Abusive language and attacks on members of a personal nature will be acted against.
4. Racism, profanity and libellous comments are not permitted and will be deleted at the discretion of the board administrators. Perpetrators will be dealt with.
5. Keep threads relevant to the business of each forum, and don't hijack threads by changing the subject.
6. Topics posted in the wrong forum will be locked. It will be up to the poster to resubmit to the correct forum. Moderators will not do this for you.
7. “Trolling”, deliberate mis-use or inflammatory posting is not tolerated.
8. Multiple IDs are not allowed - anybody found to have more than 1 ID will be banned
9. Topics posted with misleading titles will be renamed or closed
10. If a topic contains more than 3 "Back to the tops” or similar, the topic will be closed
11. Advertising a ticket for sale for more than face value is not allowed.
12. Blatant advertising of a business nature will not be allowed within posts
13. Posting of, or links to, porn or offensive material (or what is deemed offensive by admin) is not permitted
14. Complaint threads are dull to read – especially for those not involved. This also covers discussion regarding bans/edits/deletions. “Bring back” or “Free…” threads will be locked. Any discussions of Mod/Admin decisions should be done off-board by PM.
15. No private correspondence between posters and/or admin reproduced on board will be tolerated. Off-board conversations must remain that way.
16. Using the TAMB for commercial ends is not allowed unless this has been discussed with the mod / admin team.
17. Linking to copyright material on other web sites - DO NOT copy and paste entire articles. In most cases you are only allowed to copy and paste a small extract and link to the original material.
18. NSFW. Not Safe For Work, means not suitable for the TAMB. End of. The admin/mods have to occasionally respond to reported posts when they are at work. If they can't access NSFW posts then they can't moderatet them. Posts that could get us in trouble will get you banned - so don't post them.
19. In the event of any doubt, refer to Rule 1.
Anyone deemed to breach the above rules and guidelines can expect a cooling-off period in the sin-bin, (yellow card), or a full ban from future posting, (red card).
Bans are normally used as a last resort, but will be invoked when necessary to preserve the reputation of this board and the reputation of the wider Tartan Army.

General Board Usage
Polls can only be created by Administrators and Moderators. To request a poll, see the instructions here... http://taboard.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4463.
Messages are only editable for 10 minutes after posting
“Post Count" will remain at 0.
There is a maximum of 10 emoticons allowed in a single post.
From time to time, the administrators may send out e-mails to verify that e-mail addresses are current and still valid.
You can only store 20 personal messages (PMs) in your account
Anonymous registration is not permitted. Users registering must submit their real name and a valid e-mail address.
There is a "Report" button beside each message. If you feel a post breaks any of the rules or guidelines, you can report this post. A message and email is automatically sent to the Administrators and Moderators alerting them. Don’t abuse the report function.
Everyone has a warning bar below their user ID. It is only visible to yourself and the Admin team and in general we will let play continue unless a serious foul has been committed.
This board is in no way tied to the SFA, STC, ATAC, or any other TA clubs. The opinions posted are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of the TAMB administration team.
Should you wish to speak to the Admin team, they can be contacted via email - admin@tamb.net. Do not open a thread titled "Attn Mods / Admins" - we don't read every forum or topic.

The TAMB is a free to use service and is funded entirely from advertising revenue. The dedicated server that the TAMB runs on and the software, etc are not cheap. The overheads run to approximately £250 / month. As well as adverts posted through Google, TAMB is also a member of certain ‘affiliate schemes’. So purchasing items having clicked through to links such as those on the ‘Help Fund The TAMB’ page will generate income for the board.
In addition, there are a number of banner advertisers that have advertising campaigns e.g. Football Heaven, Official Scotland Shop, Tartan Specials, etc. To find out more about banner advertising, get in touch with advertising@tamb.net detailing the nature of the products or services you wish to advertise on the board.

Travel Forums
One of the most useful features of the TAMB is sharing travel tips, information and deals. There are many individuals swapping information and tips, but from time to time TAMB members and TA Clubs organise trips, busses, hotels, transfers, ferries, planes, trains and automobiles for their members and the wider TA.
Please note that all travel offers on this board are not vetted or approved by the admin team. The TAMB is in no way connected to any of these offers. It is entirely up to individual posters to confirm the authenticity and veracity of anyone advertising their organised trips etc, and where appropriate you should ensure that there is ATOL/ABTA cover, insurance, etc as well as checking the cancellation policies and booking conditions. All bookings are made at your own risk.
Any travel offers by commercial organisations should be cleared with the TAMB mod / admin team before posting. Contact should be made with advertising@tamb.net. Depending on the nature of the offer, you may be asked to make a financial contribution to TAMB funds.
The TAMB is run by supporters for supporters and while we welcome those who organise trips and help our members travel to games TAMB is not here to be exploited by commercial agents or companies touting their business. TAMB also have a duty to protect the interests of those who pay to advertise their services.