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Drastic Action being taken

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 09:45 PM

Fellow TAMBers: You are a registered user to the Tartan Army Message Board.
There are some impending changes to the board which you should be aware of.
The content of some threads and comments of certain board members on TAMB has meant that Google Ads pulled the plug on us some months ago. This was the main source of income for the TAMB for some time now.
Unfortunately, Google were unable to be helpful in any way and refused to speak to us to help resolve the situation so this has continued for more than six months. This means that TAMB has had virtually no income for more than 6 months either (we need to generate at least £2500 in income each year in order that the board can continue). 

This situation needs to be rectified and the proposed solution will seem quite radical to board members.
We propose to wipe the entire board of previous thread content and restart with a completely ‘blank’ board. This will happen on Tuesday 26 August so you have until then to copy and save any threads that you wish to retain or eventually repost to the ‘new’ board.

Apologies to all for the upheaval but this seems to be the only course of action left to us.
Google Ads have been decidedly unhelpful in our attempts to rectify this problem. In order to maintain control of the board and prevent this situation occurring again, the moderation strategy will become much stricter.
Obvious trolls will be punted, blatantly insulting or libellous comments will be deleted and in certain cases, this may result in the board member account also being banned / account deleted without previous fanny-ing about and discussion with the offender.

We hope to archive all historic board posts for reference. The URL for this will be notified in due course. Posting will only be permitted on the new board. The URL for the new board will hopefully remain the same as at present although this may not be the case if Google as our ‘advertising partner’ remain completely unhelpful and unforgiving. All PM's, usernames and other such info will transfer over to the new board so that registration should not be required. 
Thank you for your understanding. Please avoid libelous comment, personal abuse, posting pornographic images and don’t include pornographic links in your posts in future.
The TAMB Moderating Team