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Posted 08 July 2007 - 01:30 PM

The policy of the Admin team is to allow people freedom of speech and so we try not to remove posts/threads wherever possible. However with this freedom there is also a responsibility and we want posters to take account of the fact that this is a Tartan Army message board and not a club site.

There have been a number of posts which we consider are not in the spirit of this board. Some have broken the rules others have not. I would stress that even if your post does not break any rules, posters should give serious consideration to the fact that this is not a club site. We welcome healthy debate and banter between fans but if you are not willing to treat this board as a Tartan Army board first and foremost I am sure there are plenty of club sites you can use to post on.

Some of the posts on here have not been what we would see as in line with the spirit of this board. If you do not feel you can post giving consideration to this fact then please find another messageboard where such posting is deemed acceptable. We would not want to have to consider removing this forum because of a minority intent on spoiling things for the majority.

We would also like to point out that continually reporting people and complaining about posts because they are on the other side of the argument whilst ignoring rule breaks from posters on same side is not helpful and may go some way to explaining why some people think that the Moderators are not applying the rules consistently. In fact this tells us more about these posters than it does about the Moderating on TAMB.

Having said all this posters should also be reminded of this statement contain in the Rules and Guidance.

This message board is intended to fulfil a serious function for the Tartan Army, but it's also important that we don't take ourselves too seriously. Humour is the fundamental requirement for membership of the Tartan Army. So, when you’re logging on, just check that your sense of humour is switched on.

Sometimes posters need to stop taking things so seriously and chill out a bit.
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