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In Topic: Daily Mail - Food Bank Story

Today, 06:57

Of course it could be that the story was highlighting peoples ability to take liberties and that the people that actually need the food were being deprived by piss taking bastards but I realise that in your world there are no piss taking bastards ;-)


And what would that achieve. I think we already know there are people who try to cheat systems and you can only do so much. You just have to accept that sometimes people who don't need the help get it.


The aim was purely to try to add to the demonisation of the poor that is oozing from Westminster out through the media.

In Topic: No Campaign - Scare Of The Day

Today, 06:51

This from a few days ago. But just for the record: an unnamed source says 'almost impossible' to join NATO...



I didn't read the entire article but did they explain why Czech Rep, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia were accepted?

In Topic: No Campaign - Scare Of The Day

Yesterday, 07:35


Strategically it might help us if we were threatened by another country. The other members of NATO would have some obligation to step in and help us.





Who is going to do that and if they did I would imagine we would get support anyway.

In Topic: Can We Trust Anything The Cbi Tell Us?

Yesterday, 07:12

Well, they shouldn't be entering the debate. They should be leaving it "dormie" until the organ grinder can comment properly.



In Topic: Can We Trust Anything The Cbi Tell Us?

21 April 2014 - 09:13 PM

Aye, some of the stuff is OTT.   They've said they're neutral and it should be left at that.



No, I don't think it should.


Through its membership contributions, it is donating money to the No Campaign. It can't allow that to continue AND say it's neutral.



We should not be afeared of pointedly questioning them. Politely but firmly.


Totally agree with Flure on this. BT are using this "monstering" tactic to try to silence the questions and they should not be allowed to shut down the questioning of positions such as RGU. The posts they were making were quite pathetic. They didn't answer the points just kept repeating that the CBI could do what they wanted and it was nothing to do with them (which is total nonsense) as they were neutral.