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Yesterday, 22:53

This fella isn't any better




Lying bawbag!

In Topic: No Campaign - Scare Of The Day

Yesterday, 22:46



My defined pension scheme is likely going to close, possibly this year. If it does his pension grab will end up costing me six figures.




I obviously don't know the details of you scheme but the benefits that you have accrued so far should be OK (and probably index linked?). I assume the loss you are talking about is what you would have accrued between the closing of the scheme and when you retire?

In Topic: Minor Politician Banjaxed In T V Interview

Yesterday, 22:30

He's predicting a political earthquake next month.


If he's right, it'll take the focus away from Scotland, at least for a while. Who does that suit best?


I don't think it will make much difference either way. Most folk don't give a shit about EU elections. Do you know who your MEP is? Nae googling noo.

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Yesterday, 22:21


Anyway enough of that, how are your bowel movements? Every time I go to the loo I think of you.


(Have to admit it felt strange the first few times but getting quite comfortable with it now.  :huh: )


Is that a bit like those folk who see images of Jesus in bits of toast and stuff, only you see the images in the lavvy pan?

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Yesterday, 22:11



I saw a stat yesterday that said in 1997 every company in the FTSE 100 had a Final Salary Pension, as of 2014 only one company still runs such a scheme.


Before Brown's pension raid in 1997, 34% of employees were in Defined Benefits pension schemes. It is now less than 10%. That number will continue to reduce.