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In Topic: Always Nice To Watch The Welsh Imploding

Yesterday, 22:22

You're no too keen on he Welsh, are you?

In Topic: Commonwealth Games Experiences

Yesterday, 22:21

  Think I'll need to take a towel and a polybag so I've somewhere to sit.


I thought I had strayed back into the dog shit thread there for a minute.

In Topic: Well Done Daniel Wallace

Yesterday, 22:07

Is he in any other events?

In Topic: Commonwealth Games Conspiracy

Yesterday, 14:44

We still have it on iPlayer here, but not sure if can get it.




For me easily the best bit was Billy Connelly's wee spiel about Nelson Mandella and Pumeza singing Hamish Henderson's "Freedom come all ye" which starts at about 3 hours 8 mins. But as Biffer says if you rely on reports and highlights it's like it's been airbrushed out of history.


I can hardly find the ceremony anywhere?

In Topic: Official We Told You So Thread

24 July 2014 - 03:38 PM

But having read this I also agree lol

I used to be really indecisive but I'm so sure now lol


Jock is a strange name for a wummin. :lol: