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In Topic: Can We Trust Anything The Cbi Tell Us?

Today, 06:15

This should be big news. Much bigger than Standard Life or RBS threatening to move their headquarters down south. These companies have actually done something (ie left the CBI) not just fired off some hot air about it. Yet it only got a passing mention on STV news. Not sure of it was on the BBC at all?

In Topic: Picolax - Anyone Taken It?

Yesterday, 17:25




I do hope we don't end up with a ThistleWhistle post in this thread.


Sounds like it could be building up for a really big one.

In Topic: No Campaign - Scare Of The Day

Yesterday, 17:15

This is the same Professor John Kay that was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2014 new years honours list .... nothing quite like a place in the British Establishment to change sides


What Prof Kay is saying is correct. Scotland as a whole will be a wealthier nation after independence in terms of GDP per head. The good thing about that article is that even the Torygraph are now happy to agree with that.That does not mean that each individual in Scotland will be wealthier, in terms of money in their pockets.

In Topic: Le Débat Sur L'indépendance Écossaise

Yesterday, 15:17



Carrot face LOL



Them French folk don't seem to like Danny Alexander.

In Topic: Bitter Together's Latest Gaffe!

Yesterday, 15:13


looks like I have missed something ? Comes across alright as we'll


Aye, me too.