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In Topic: Extra Powers Question To No Voters

Today, 06:35

In my experience most of the folk who say they are voting NO are doing so from a position of ignorance of the issues. They haven't taken the time to inform themselves about the debate, relying almost solely on bits they have seen in the MSM. They haven't got a clue about what the "extra powers" on offer actually are. They have just heard that we will get extra powers if we vote NO. Some of them are gullible enough to believe it.

In Topic: Extra Powers Question To No Voters

Yesterday, 22:39

You might be in the wrong place if you're looking for NO voters. Even Larkie is voting YES. :wink2:

In Topic: Better Together - Ordinary Mum

Yesterday, 22:32


Sod the positive message (we have done heaps of this), it is now time to paint the vision of Scotland after a no vote.


People need to be asked if they are happy that the Scottish Gov are very likely to have to use their new tax raising powers to increase income tax to just stand still.


That might be OK for your point of view. But you have already decided so he isn't talking to you. He needs to continue with the positive message because many of the undecided voters will be hearing it for the first time.

In Topic: Questions For The Next Debate

Yesterday, 22:26

A question that I would like to see asked of Flipper is - "How much extra cash did you manage to trouser when you flipped your house not once, not twice but three times? Were you struggling to get by on your ministerial salary?"


I don't want Alex Salmond to ask it though.

In Topic: Polling Card

Yesterday, 22:16

Yea never seen it before but surley to god they need to do it this time. Could be riots if either side sends people to use other folks votes.


The deterrent is that if the person gets caught they could end up in jail or a big fine. How many folk are going to take that risk for the sake of one extra vote? Electoral fraud is a serious offence.