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In Topic: Who Will Try To Make More Political Points At The Games

Today, 21:46

Bunkerknot just got a mention on Scotland 2014 from John Beattie. :shocked: I'm astonished. 

In Topic: Edinburgh Diplomats Forecast " Yes" Vote

Today, 19:06

In recent history there have been a fairly constant 4.0 million folk on the electoral register. As of march 2014 the electoral register stood at 4.12 million. I estimate 100,000 to 200,000 of those are 16 and 17year olds so I don't see that there has been a mad rush for extra folk registering. Although I don't know what has been happening in the last few months. I'm sure we would have heard if it had been happening. In normal elections we get a turnout of about 50 to 60% (2.0 to 2.4 million). If the turnout does go up to 75-80% then there are about 1.0 million voters who don't normally vote to target. These are the folk who will decide the result if they can be persuaded to bother voting at all. 

In Topic: Commonwealth Games - Glasgow Green

Today, 12:24

Have they decided to run the races on Glasgow Green? Maybe they thought Hampden was too expensive. They're no the only ones.

In Topic: Early Group Predictions

Today, 11:03

I think there is very little between us, Poland and Ireland, but we are the on form team.


Poland I expect to be a totally different side from the one from the friendly match in Warsaw.


Ireland I am unsure about, but expect there to be not much between us over both games.


Georgia will be a thorn a most teams sides, but expect them to be just outside the pack.


Gibraltar will probably start off with a couple of plucky performances, but I suspect when they come up against Germany it could very well be shooting practice for the German players, and could have a rugby score on their hands which Gibraltar might struggle to recover from.


I predict that Gibraltar will get a better result against Germany than Brasil did.

In Topic: Edinburgh Diplomats Forecast " Yes" Vote

Today, 08:39

I wonder when Cameron and co are planning to try to play their own "George Cunningham" card?