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In Topic: Daily Mail - Food Bank Story

Today, 11:52

I don't understand why we sell The Daily Mail in Scotland? The Scottish edition is very anti-scottish at times and reeks of self loathing.


Better Together types want something to read!

In Topic: Moyes Sacked

Today, 11:51

How many Moyes threads do we need and are we not all bored by this now?


How OTT can the coverage of one football team be. Not content with what seemed liek weeks of stuff about Ferguson retiring we are now being deluged with Moyes coverage.


A football manager has been sacked - big whoop.

In Topic: Daily Mail - Food Bank Story

Today, 11:43


It wasnt I just checked and the "no questions asked" headline was the journos headline not the mail's (at least in the online version anyway) could be the original poster didnt actually read the article in the mail and just took the write up at face value.



The article was in the Mail so it was the Mail's decision to use the headline. There is also a line in the story about no checks being made so no idea what you are in about.

In Topic: Can We Trust Anything The Cbi Tell Us?

Today, 11:36

Anyone on Twitter?


You could tweet including @CBItweets and ask them if they wouldn't mind, possibly, listing their Scottish members. If they wouldn't mind. Sorry to be a nuisance and all that.


In 140 characters.



James Cook has been trying to find out seeminly to no avail.

In Topic: Daily Mail - Food Bank Story

Today, 06:57

Of course it could be that the story was highlighting peoples ability to take liberties and that the people that actually need the food were being deprived by piss taking bastards but I realise that in your world there are no piss taking bastards ;-)


And what would that achieve. I think we already know there are people who try to cheat systems and you can only do so much. You just have to accept that sometimes people who don't need the help get it.


The aim was purely to try to add to the demonisation of the poor that is oozing from Westminster out through the media.