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Today, 12:12




So did anyone in the media ask him to explain the missing billions?

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Today, 11:37

So, why not save the policy arguments until the first election?


The current Scottish Government are the only ones to have published any post-indy policies.


We've nothing to compare and contrast them with.



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Today, 11:35

This was reported really badly. Ian Wood said that both sides had been misrepresenting his report, Yes being over optimistic, No being over pessimistic. His report repeatedly said the numbers were between 12 and 24 bboe left as recoverable, and yesterday he basically said his expectation was somewhere in the middle16-18bboe, a middle line on the report which he has always held, but the BBC report mentions none of his criticism of the No side, and presents the numbers in such a way that it doesn't compare his estimate to the OBR's estimate, by talking about amount of oil for one and tax receipts for the other. 


The actual interview he had said two basic things


1. Both sides should stop twisting the numbers to the extremes 

2. His main worry is that the changes required in the industry need to happen in the next three or four years - exactly the same time frame as potential independence negotiations - and he views this as a risk to the industry as investment could be paused during what is a critical period


As with any other multinational business, his will end up where it's most financially favourable - the problem he's forseeing (my interpretation, not his statement) is that if there's a pause in investment while the indy negotiations are carried out, that investment will head to other markets and give them an advantage over us.


This is valid, but it's in the interests of both RUK and iScotland to ensure it doesn't happen - let's not forget there's a lot of financial services markets around O&G in London, as well as multiple servicing and processing facilities south of the border. So treating this industry as a key priority for both sides, and putting in place systems to reassure them quickly, is vital. Words, platitudes etc, won't work here. It's completely achievable but it requires something more than plans and reassurances.



He also said he supported a No vote and it would be better for the oil industry

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Today, 09:30


Aye, only 1 lecture theatre barely half full. Salmond filled 4 lecture theatres. I thought the audience were about 50:50 YES:NO. Just shows you how you can perceive things differently.


I just found the whole thing so boring that I almost fell asleep. Reminded me of my student days. The most entertaining bit was that fella (who might have been Cove Sheep) walking out half way through.


Well the debate last night wasn't boring it and we had a very lively audience :lol:

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Today, 09:27

Was on the radio this morning, he said he got fed up with everybody taking his 24Bn barrels in vain.





I understand that but why go further and say we are Better Together when he was staying neutral before?