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Russian Dash Cam

20 August 2014 - 02:31 PM

So this popped up on facebook and i felt compelled to share, seen my share of crazy russian dash cam footage this one, is pretty crazy though


Feuntes Will Talk (For A Price Of Course)

19 June 2014 - 06:05 PM

"Fuentes, considered one of international sport's leading dope doctors, has sent out a list of subjects that – for a price – he is now prepared to talk publicly about. It includes Spanish Champions League football teams, London marathon winners, Olympic medallists and a long list of cyclists he was involved with.

He has also offered to reveal how Tour de France officials failed to detect doping even when they tested those who had been taking performance-enhancing substances.

"How I prepared a team to play in the Champions League," is one category of revelations he is offering, according to an email sent by his lawyers on Friday.

That alone threatens to widen the scandal surrounding his doping activities to football, a sport in which Spain currently leads the world as European champions and World Cup holders.

One witness at his trial in Madrid, the former cyclist Jesus Manzano, said he had seen Spanish and Brazilian soccer players at Fuentes' clinic."



George Groves Vs Carl Froch

29 May 2014 - 04:39 PM

So there was this big press conference recently and Groves turns up with 25 folk in black suites for his entourage, taking the pish out of Froch for their last fight where Froch had his bro and a huge entourage in the ring just before first fight.


Froch hasn't cottoned onto this though and is going on about Froch bringing a huge entourage cause he's scared etc, without the slightest idea it's a pish take of him. His fans are going on about it as well, Groves is running scared.


Should be a good fight, but i'm loving Groves work, Froch has zero self awareness.

Weird Stuff Surrounding Ricky Burns Manager And Frank Warren

15 February 2014 - 12:16 AM



no idea what to make of this, the letters are a bit crazy to say the least.

Folk Downing Drink On Facebook

06 February 2014 - 10:49 PM

So went onto facebook there haven't be on since yesterday and there are loads of videos of folk downing all sorts of alcohol and challenging other folk to do it.