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In Topic: Opening Ceremony.....

Today, 13:36

English Judo geezer noo. I assume Scottish folk don't play judo.


And WTF is that rhythmic gymnastic shyte awe aboot?

In Topic: Opening Ceremony.....

Today, 13:31

I don't normally watch much of the Commonwealth games but I thought I'd watch a bit of it since it's in Scotland. It's seems that Glasgow only got the opening ceremony. Now that the sport has actually started it seems to have turned into a giant England fest. Do the EBC not employ any Scottish folk? Looks like this is going to be almost as bad as their World Cup coverage. Can't see me managing to stomach much of this.

In Topic: Surgeons Discover 5-Inch Sex Toy In Woman’S Vagina That Had Been There For 10...

Today, 12:23

Must have been a good set of batteries.

In Topic: Opening Ceremony.....

Today, 10:10

I thought the opening ceremony was pretty good overall but did they really need to pad it out with all that "parading the athletes" pish?

In Topic: Shitbags, Dug Shit Bags...

Today, 09:27


Get bio degradable bags .Only 50p more


How tae fuk does using biodegradable bags help the situation? It's true what they say. You can give folk an education but you can't teach folk common sense.