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Aye, plenty of Scottish folk have gone to English universities with just Highers. You needed more of them but they were acceptable currency. If that wasn't the case you would have needed to decide at 16 that you wanted to go to England so that you could sit A levels. And loads of schools wouldn't have let you do A levels anyway even if you wanted to.

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I thought if you had a Higher and a CSYS (Advanced Higher now) then only the CSYS counted?  


Still a good trick to confuse students down south though!


I'm guessing that Biffer was quite competitive and quite happy to use the ignorance of the English to prove that he was better than them. :lol:

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Today, 15:02

I know that CSYS were generally considered marginally harder than A levels - one or two English Universities had slightly lower requirements for CSYS than A levels as I remember (but most were the same). I didn't even consider English Universities as they didn't take Highers for entry.



Not sure if they were harder or not but they certainly used to cover more ground than the A level. In my day (a wee while ago) CSYS didn't count for University entry. If you didn't have enough Highers at the end of 5th year you either resat or did more Highers in 6th year to try and get enough qualifications. CSYS were only for folk who had already passed enough Highers at the end of 5th year.

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Today, 12:52

Im i right in thinking a higher is half an A level?



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No, it will be lavished on powering the daily lightshow around the giant statue of Alex Salmond to be built on the site of Pacific Quay.


They should build a huge statue ok Eck straddling the M74 at the border, looking south whilst giving a huge two fingered salute.