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Split To Zagreb Bus(Es) Are On

12 April 2013 - 06:15 PM

Sorry for the delay in getting this sorted but I was messed about a bit by some of the companies I contacted. Some of them asked for cash, two wanted a 50 euro refundable deposit per person provided no damage to the bus and another two said they no longer had buses available on the day. The price is a bit higher than I originally mentioned but this is the safest and best option I can come up with.  Given how well the buses went in Serbia I have gone through Leigh again who is organizing this for us.



Full details to be confirmed over the next few weeks but here is the plan.


The who/what/where/how part to all this:


Like the Serbia buses we are running the transfers on a not for profit basis.  Some of you will know from the Serbia thread that Leigh is officially recognised by the Welsh FA and if anyone wants to verify this, please feel free to contact me and I’ll provide details for you to check yourself.  .


The coach(es) being used will have a toilet.


Travel on the day


Depart from one central point in Split at 9.00 AM – details to follow. Note that the journey time to Zagreb is about 5 hours. Please note that we can’t do pick-ups on route – sorry.


Drop off in central Zagreb when we get there.


Option to be picked up in central Zagreb for transfer to the ground.


Return to Split immediately after the match.  We will ensure everyone knows where the coach will leave from after the game as some may not take up the option of the transfer from central Zagreb to the ground.


How to secure your seat(s) - PAYMENT DETAILS


The cost per seat is £49 – this is slightly more than the cost being charged but the costs are based the bus(es) being full, so we need to allow for the potential of the odd seat not being used.  However, any monies collected over and above the final cost will be donated to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal.


You need to make a bank transfer to

Bank - Natwest

Payee – Mr  L James

Sort code - 54 30 01

Account number – 31666337


When sending your payment, you need to include your name (Ideally, if space permits, your full name and TAMB name) and of course, how many seats you’re booking

For example Keith Lewis (Louie) x 6


Once your bank transfer has been received, we will add your details to the list – please send an email to me at keith-lewis@sky.com and as quick as I can, I will verify your reservation by e-mail – it might take a couple of days to do this as I will be cross checking numbers and payment details with Leigh.


Bookings are non-refundable but if you let us know if you and/or someone in your party can no longer go, we will try our best to allocate your seat and refund but we can’t guarantee this.




Whilst our tickets haven’t gone on sale yet we have one important deadline which is non negotiable with the booking company


Final date for your payment to be cleared and into the account is on or before Friday 17th May 2013 - anything after this date might not secure your seat(s) as we'll have confirmed the final numbers to the bus company.


It would really help us with the planning if you could book as early as you can rather than leave it to the last minute!


Hope this covers everything and allows you to finalise your plans.  Any questions, please post them here and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Quoting Posts And Editing Posts

16 March 2013 - 07:30 PM

I can't seem to quote then reply to posts or edit posts I've made (straight after making them). Never had this problem before and can't find the reason in the help section. Any suggestions to solve the problem?

A frustrated Louie

Lux Ticket Sale Closed

05 November 2012 - 10:53 AM

Sale of tickets withdrawn with everyone who applied successful. Sounds good to me as low pointers have had the chance to buy. Well done SSC even though it took a while to get to this point.

1250 Tickets For Game

05 October 2012 - 04:11 PM

Looks like we are getting 1250 tickets for this based on e-mail from SSC. Could be 6+ points guaranteed a ticket but depends on points totals after Wales and Belgium. Having said that, I can't see 5 pointers losing out at all and probably most who want a ticket will get one. Further e-mail expected 19th Oct with details.

Away Points Totals

19 September 2012 - 08:39 AM


Just looked at the members site and can't find the latest list of members on each points total. Am I just being an idiot or is this no longer on the site? Does anyone have a link to it or the latest figures?