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In Topic: Losing Votes In The Fishing Industry

Today, 11:51

Was that written by a ukip supporter?

If he's a fisherman does it matter?

In Topic: Losing Votes In The Fishing Industry

Today, 11:46

I don't understand why the SNP are the targets in this.

I don't know the ins and outs of it, but I do know that its been in the SNP manifesto for many years that they'd influence the UK government & EU to the benefit of the Scottish fishing industry, I assume they haven't met their promises.

In Topic: Neil Lennon To Leave Celtic At The End Of The Season

Yesterday, 19:58

Running feart of The Rangers.

In Topic: Good Luck Liverpool

Yesterday, 17:50

What's it to you?    :angry:

I'm confused is all, it seems like one minute you both want to murder each other, then next minute its like all you can think about is spooning like badger!

In Topic: The Good Fillums Thread

Yesterday, 17:47

I have pins and needles. Its mildly irritating.