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how you feeling pal, enjoying the good weather or are you still frozen?


In Topic: Worrying Times For The Jambos

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Okay Rossy, No sympathy for the fans and employees of the club if we'd have been liquidated? Go on then.... why? We didnt pick Romanov and about 33% of us loathed him from day one? What did you want me to do against Hibs... not celebrate beating them? Indeed.


Hearts fans have been dignified and we've went about our business gracefully and passionately. It's been a constant battle for some to keep shoving pennies in a black hole to save the club.


Youve got a chip on your shoulder for Hearts, and im thinking post after post that contains such miserable thoughts and feelings may indicate that elsewhere in life you are an extremely unhappy and perhaps depressed man who enjoys sharing the doom and gloom? Am I correct Rossy.


I only say this to help.


i get why fans of other clubs may be a bit pissed off

we have wiped out £30 million of debt by cutting our playing squad to a bunch of laddies and getting a 15 point deduction and paying less than £3 million pounds for this


yes the fans have been fantastic to bring us the result but im sure im not the only hearts fan who feels a bit uneasy in the way it has come around


i think clubs going into admin should face far tougher penalties.


got to take it on the chin as we celebrated the successes it bought us so got to take the stick that comes with it


apart from stick from h1b5 fans, they can go and ram it 

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Today, 11:36

When Dundee Utd or Saints win the Scottish cup that'll be the 5th different club to win a major trophy since your lot went t!ts up a couple of years ago,


WE LUV IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



although i wish it was only 4  :-))

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some of the comments are hilarious 

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good news