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In Topic: Football Emblems With Meaning And History?

Today, 06:13

Hibs have the Harp to signify our Irish roots (predating our spin off club Celtic), the Ship for the port of Leith and the Castle to signify Edinburgh. A really cool badge capturing our history and the present.




when did Hibs release that badge

it is pretty good and a vast improvement on the one you had on your jerseys in the 1990s 

In Topic: Flights

Yesterday, 09:35


Hope you are right Ally!


If not yor're getting the blame :ok:


i hope so

i wont have any holidays left for the play offs if we finish third  :yikes3:

In Topic: Flights

Yesterday, 08:59

What are folk doing? Saturday flight and head to algarve or sunday flight and stay in Faro 1 night?


flying saturday and staying 9 nights so i can celebrate us clinching 2nd place properly  :cheers3:  :beer2:  :beer2:

In Topic: Season Tickets Beginning To Pick Up!

23 July 2014 - 05:03 PM

handing out free season tickets to people who can attend an event  :blink:

In Topic: Season Tickets Beginning To Pick Up!

23 July 2014 - 05:02 PM

Good morning Alasdair 
Thank you for your email and I am sorry for the delay in replying.
The pricing of our season ticket has been played out on media and social platforms over the past week and you are correct to say that it has caused some frustrations.
The Scottish FA went setting prices take full cognisance of current market trends and work hard to ensure a fair and equitable cost against the event.
The season ticket covers three categories ranging from £190 to £250. The Category One price is for our premium seats alongside field of play. 
For the first time all members receive a discount on the public sale price, i.e. season ticket holders and non season ticket holders.
We are working really hard to add value to the membership and are managing to do that with our exclusive events, competitions and other benefits. Just last week all those members who attend the Season Ticket Launch event received a season ticket free of charge.
All in all the Scottish FA believes the membership and pricing structure around the Euro Qualifiers is good value.
All feedback is important and we take it all on board.
I am sorry you feel so disappointed and frustrated but hope that our National Team continues on its winning ways and we see the fabulous support for our team continue.
Thanks again for taking the trouble to write.
Best Wishes
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