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In Topic: The Referendum Result

Yesterday, 21:08

Now guarnteed 50 medals. Is this a sign for the refrendum?



In Topic: Commonwealth Games Experiences

Yesterday, 15:19

Kiribati lad is on the tele now.

In Topic: Thetimes: A Bit S***?

31 July 2014 - 09:08 PM

It shouldn't be such a big issues. Are we that insecure about ourselves? If he said it or not, he's entitled to his opinion. He may well have said it and just like the press to ram it til the end.


The games have been fantastic. Scotland are doing brilliant. Glasgow has been outstanding and such a great atmosphere in the city, and the best part is seeing all the nationalites mixing. I think it's been very succesful. Every athlete you've heard on TV or fans on that Radio 5 show from 10-1 when they regularly interview people from abroad have said the people have been amazing. The Nigerian lass who won both the 100/200m was up waving her flag with a Scotland scarf too.


Even if it's a Queen Lizzie love fest, I feel much more connected to this, seeing Scotland compete as a nation rather than GB in the Olympics. Even if this is the sideshow for many of the athletes to the Olympics. Jut magic seeing our flag, Scotland on our jerseys and the anthem when we win a gold. Hopefully a couple more tomorrow in the Boxing and the Bowls.

In Topic: Ian Smart On Twitter

31 July 2014 - 09:01 PM

He has to be insane. Or constantly on the bevie.

In Topic: Anyone Else Getting P*ssed Off

30 July 2014 - 10:15 PM

The coverage has been good overall, but there's no doubt there's a bias towards the English. They even cut from a Welsh swimmer's gold and anthem to go to see some English athlete was in the final rounds.


Likewise, the Wrestling. No mention of our Bronze yet I don't think.


I've been disappointed with the lack of publicity given to the small islands/terrorities. Kiribati won a gold tonight and I don't think anyone has even mentioned. Sure, it's the BBC, but the constant back thumping of the Home nations wears thin a little. Kiribati winning a gold is an amazing achievement. They could do wee skits on all those countries, terrorities that I can't imagine many Brits have heard of.


Apart from that. I've been enjoying it. Hopefully we can get 50 medals! I don't know though, maybe too much? We'll get 4 at least in the Boxing, but not sure where the rest will come from? Eilidh in the 400m Hurdles hopefully, Lawn Bowls as well.