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Today, 22:51


Thanks. Seems he said something that's been compared to Enoch Powell. Is he actually welcome in the Labour party?

To be honest i don't know what he does in the way of positives for the Labour party! He just seems to be regularly in the spotlight for bizarre outbursts like tonights, so i would assume that the Labour party would be distancing themselves from him and his 1970's view of the world which he lives in!

In Topic: Ian Smart On Twitter

Today, 22:08


Can you remind us, who is he?

Some of his past work.......http://news.stv.tv/s...alist-comments/

In Topic: Ian Smart On Twitter

Today, 22:00


Is that for real? It doesn't even make sense. A Hampden crowd roaring home some fine English athletes shows that we don't need 'British togetherness' (Team GB, Olympics, sharing a prime minister) to be Scottish, internationalist, and sporting to our guests.  


Surely it's the 'sep haters' who'd be sulking in their soup? 

Unfortunately all of that is WAY over the head of a numpty like Smart. The blind hatred for all things Salmond seems to be too much for some people.

In Topic: Ian Smart On Twitter

Today, 21:01

Is he the "expert" on scotland 2014 last night?

Possibly, i don't watch that show. But he does enjoy the MSM spotlight.

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Today, 20:51

We started a thread at exactly the same time! 

What a revolting little excuse of a man Smart is. No doubt will be coming out with the "hacked account" routine before the night is out :angry: