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In Topic: Bbc2 Indyref Debate Tonight

Yesterday, 22:34


How come he get the job - instead of Moore?

Aye, he was being heralded as the big "no nonsense, hard hitter" appointment to crush the nationalists.


Willie Rennie on his appointment.......



As we move to the next stage of the campaign I am looking forward to working with Alistair Carmichael. His feisty style combined with his charm, wit and intelligence is just what we need for the last twelve months in our efforts to safeguard our partnership with the rest of the United Kingdom.

In Topic: Lights Out In The Highlands

Yesterday, 22:22

Still no confirmed fault, but the speculation is already pointing fingers at "Salmonds obsession with wind farms"....

Damned turbines producing too much power. This renewables carry on is just a curse :blink:

In Topic: Frank Kopel

Yesterday, 21:44

What a fantastic goal that was, can't say i remember a huge amount about Kopel other than recognising the name as one of the stalwarts of the time.


Horrific disease, glad he is at peace now.

In Topic: Tamb - Referendum Poll (V2)

Yesterday, 19:58

Can you tell who has voted how by their website? Like will you get a specific breakdown for the rangers site and a separate breakdown for all the different fan sites you've put it on. Would be interesting to see the different opinions based on teams supported.

To be honest i doubt there will be much variance between any club forums other than Rangers, which will inevitably be a high no % in comparison. 

In Topic: See What Country Song Was #1 On The Day You Were Born

Yesterday, 14:03

Take me to your world - Tammy Wynette  :sing: