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23 February 2014 - 12:03 PM

could have been a lot worse,quietly confident

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19 February 2014 - 09:06 AM

I think we're getting our wires crossed a wee bit here. Paterson's may occasionally play up front but he's not a striker, he's a winger it's where he's been playing for Forest and his natural position.
Hardly any of our team have pace in abundance. Paterson would be a good pick. Billy Davies has a proven eye for a player, Paterson could be a good bench option with Anya. But it's a petty big statement to just write him off as someone who'll get three or four caps, particularly a young player who may possibly be playing Premier League football next season. I'd sooner have Paterson than James Forrest.
Perhaps this is another sad indictment of Billy Stark's half arsed approach to scouting under 21 players. Perhaps Paterson should have been picked when he was playing first team at Walsall ahead of some of the SPL benchwarmers and reserves that Stark's been so fond of giving first team games too in the past.

spot on there Ersatz,Paterson can play just off the striker but he is predominantly a winger ,quick ,direct and a good eye for goal,,he is still young but in my opinion would add something to the squad