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Yesterday, 20:34

Jordan McGhee?

I'm not sure about Christie, but there is the likes of Harris and Stanton at Hibs, Walker, McHattie et al at Hearts, Lewis Macleod at Rangers, and the 3 or 4 boys that have recently moved down south from Falkirk and Livingston to good teams. And that is just from the Scoitish championship ;)

Cheers Tartan blood. Well those at Inverness are very excited by Christie and have heard some say he is even better than Gauld (I can't say as, like you, I am not sure) but that is a bold statement so he must have something about him. But yes from say, where we were about ten years ago for youngsters coming through, we are far better off now and some are even impressing enough to be plying their trade at clubs of the calibre of Real Madrid and Sporting Lisbon. 

In Topic: Transfer Rumour Mill Summer 2014

Yesterday, 19:47

We are already seeing youngsters breaking through in the form of Hanley, Robertson, McGregor and the likes of Armstrong, Gauld and other youngsters perhaps a couple of years away such as Ryan Christie and the kid at Hearts whose name escapes me Jordan something?

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Yesterday, 12:02

My point is that a young talent has more chance breaking through or being given a chance at a smaller club. Let's face it the kid is going to have to be exceptionally gifted to force himself into Real Madrid's or even Liverpool's team with tried and trusted international players in the pecking order in front of them. At lesser clubs such as Dundee United for example the kids will find it easier to break into the team. It is at that point he can begin to express himself and impress a chance not so easily that comes along at bigger clubs.

Of course attitude and discipline plays a huge part but players can be just as ill-disciplined at a bigger club as at a smaller club so will invariably fall by the weyside come what may.

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Yesterday, 09:26

I think the point is that just because a young Scot is on the books of a big club it does not guarantee a legend or future international in the making. Robbie Foy is an example as was Michael Stewart (okay got capped but hardly dazzled), Islam Feruz and I fear for the likes of Jack Harper. I'd prefer it if they came through the ranks at a smaller club where they have more chance to establish themselves in the first team and develop as a player at club level and then into potentially an international.

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Yesterday, 07:11

One good performancwe in 25 - yes get him in we are missing a diamond there.  :wtf: