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30 May 2014 - 06:14 PM

I can't help but see a lot of comparisons between the Scotland of today and the one of eight years ago.


We head into the campaign with a confidence and expectation that wasn't there in recent campaigns and we have a manager the players respect and follow his every instruction. The same I would say applied to going into the Euro 2008 campaign when we had another respected manager in the hot seat - Walter Smith.


How do the two squads match-up?


Well I'd say we have far more strength in depth in the goalkeeping area, the central defence of 2008 had Weir who I think was better than anyone we have available at the moment but that aside the class of 2014 is much the same as that of 2008. Our full-backs now are more dynamic than those we had available in 2008 and offer more going forward. The midfields of today and 2008 I'd say we have more strength in depth now and a few more attack-minded midfielders so squad of 2014 wins out. In the strikers department I'd have to go for 2008 as we had the likes of Miller and Faddy to choose from (two of our most prolific scorers of this century). 


I would say the class of 2014 is just a bit stronger than that of 2008 and remember we do not have France and Italy in our group this time.


Do you agree or disagree? Voice your opinion here.

Ireland Without Momentum?

27 May 2014 - 02:28 PM

Whilst we are building up a decent amount of momentum going into the Euro campaign the same can't be said of Ireland. Two friendlies at home to Serbia and Turkey under their dream team management and they have both ended in 2-1 defeats. They amazingly have another THREE friendlies lined up in the summer against Italy, Costa Rica and Portugal so how much momentum can they build up?

Odd Comments

12 March 2014 - 08:26 PM

There is an article on the BBC site with Aiden McGeady talking about opting for Ireland stating: "The main thing that makes me think I don't regret it is that I got to play at a major finals at the Euros, even if we did not cover ourselves in glory."

McGeady, who came through the ranks at Celtic before joining Spartak Moscow thenheading to Goodison Park in January,says the Scottish Football Association acted too late in trying to persuade him to play for the country of his birth.

"It was probably too far past the point where I had been playing for like three years - 15s, 16s, 17s and then they did - but by that point my mind was already made up," he recalled.

"I knew the players, I knew the set-up, I was comfortable with it."


Very odd. Basically, he says he doesn't think he regrets his decision because Ireland made the Euros (and am presuming he is getting at the fact we haven't in that time). Surely, though it is not about what you can achieve but playing for the country you really want to. To add to that he says the SFA were too late in trying to persuade him. Odd again. If his heart was already in playing with Ireland surely he wouldn't give a stuff if the SFA left it too late?


Sorry for going over old ground here by the way but this just highlights McGeady as a mercenary.

Steve Pressley

13 September 2013 - 07:32 PM

Perhaps many years down the line there is a budding Scotland manager in the making in the form of Steve Pressley. As far as I am aware he did an excellent job with meagre facilities at Falkirk and now he is doing the same at war-torn Coventry. The job he is doing there is immense considering the turmoil that club is in and the tiny squad he has to work with. He has got Coventry City off to a great start as they are scoring goals for fun and on a hot streak of form which has earned him the manager of the month award. Obviously, h is still very green but one to watch for the future I'd say.

How Long Do We Keep Strachan?

13 September 2013 - 07:00 PM

Now I for one am delighted with the job Wee Gordon is doing for us now after a slow start. The spirit is being returned to the side along with a real sense of unity and comaraderie amongst the squad and management - in other words fun times. Whereas under Levein you almost dreaded every Scotland game now is the time to look forward to our next match - a sign of the good job Gordon is doing.


I am playing devil's advocate here but what will people's reaction be if our next campaign goes sour early on? Will the press and fans turn on the wee man and demand his sacking before the campaign is seen out? Or will it depend on what circumstances we miss out on qualification such as if we go really close to qualifying but narrowly miss out. Will that appease the fans and SFA and encourage the SFA to keep Gordon on for another campaign?


Personally, I hope Gordon is here for the long haul. We need stability now and build for the future - we were at rock bottom when Levein was punted and believe it will take time to get us back on a steady footing. Gordon for me is the ideal man to lead us forwards and besides I see no other passionate Scots (Jordan aside) chomping at the bit for the job.