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In Topic: Cop Blinded By Raul Moat Dead

01 March 2012 - 07:52 PM

Three times you have personally mentioned me today to add to the numerous times you have name checked me on the Tamb

Can you tell me how many times i have mentioned you personally on here without being prompted by yourself ?

Obviously the Mods don't give a feck because they never seem to do anything about it even though every couple of weeks when they let you out you dive on here at whatever time and say something directed at me like the retarded tit that you are .

No doubt you will bring up that comment i made about your wife which if you wern't such a feckin prik i might apologise for but seriously you can go feck yourself if you ever think i'll apologise to you for anything .

As for the sending me a PM to 'discuss' don't feckin lie you never sent anything to 'discuss' .

In Topic: Proud To Be A "in Their Prime" Virgin

01 March 2012 - 07:12 PM

Lucy (who has a crackin' big pair of parkhead smiddy's) I’ve always known I couldn’t cope with the consequences of a sexual relationship if it wasn’t accompanied by serious commitment. If I lost my virginity to a man who then left me, I would feel exploited and fall to pieces. So I only want to have sex with someone I’m married to, and know I will spend the rest of my life with. My parents were in a loving marriage and my older brother and I had a stable, happy upbringing. My parents were farmers, and I was relaxed around the male workers they employed. But when I was 11, I was sent to an all-girls private school and started being bullied. The cool girls jeered at my jeans and sweatshirts, made jibes about my weight, and laughed at my dancing at the school discos. I started to feel insecure about the way I looked, and hid myself in baggy jumpers. I couldn’t stand the thought of anyone seeing me naked. This was all in the late Eighties, when the Aids epidemic was prevalent, and I learned to associate casual sex with disease. Remaining a virgin seemed the only way to remain happy and healthy, and from my early teens I vowed to abstain from sex. The feelings of being different never really left me, and my shyness made me seem stand-offish. I became a nursery nurse when I was 19, but I was 23 before I got my first boyfriend and experienced my first kiss. We met in the local pub and were together for three months before he found someone else. The fact that we hadn’t embarked on a physical relationship made it easier to deal with the break-up, but I was terribly upset. I didn’t have another relationship for four years. I’ve had five relationships in total, lasting from three weeks to 15 months. But I’ve never felt comfortable doing anything more than kissing and holding hands. I’m attracted to men, but being celibate is so ingrained in my consciousness now that I’ll always say no to sex. I tell them I’m a virgin as soon as they make a physical move. Six months into my last relationship, my boyfriend admitted he’d only pretended he was happy not to have sex because he thought he could change my mind. I couldn’t trust him after that, and we broke up last year. I’ve been single ever since. For years all I could think about was getting married, but I’m more confident and happy on my own now. It would be brilliant if I met the right man, especially if it wasn’t too late to have children with him, but it’s not a disaster if I don’t.

I love the sense of freedom and independence being single affords me, and there’s certainly no danger of me ending up bitter and twisted.

Yes love that's right in no way are you bitter ,twisted or both

In Topic: Cop Blinded By Raul Moat Dead

01 March 2012 - 07:04 PM

Folk were so busy whining about Moat being shot they ignored what he had actually done and the fall out it caused............I hope those who were so concerned about what happened to Moat will take time to think about what this poor guy must have gone through !!

What the feck are on about ya over melodramatic basket case ?

In Topic: Proud To Be A "in Their Prime" Virgin

01 March 2012 - 06:44 PM

.2 and 3 would do scunnered.

Are they Chix with Dix ?

In Topic: Proud To Be A "in Their Prime" Virgin

01 March 2012 - 06:34 PM

I bet the first two would suck your cok until it glowed like a belisha beacon and are probably only a good pumpin' away from
having more rides than Frankie Dettori this year .

The other three are creepy kunts