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The Romans And Where They Were

10 April 2012 - 02:58 PM


Interesting article in the news

Firstly, I find the premise hard to fathom as it goes against everything I have been taught about the Romans and SCOTLAND! We beat them, and this is upsetting to me and no doubt many fellow Scots and Picts.

However, I'm an open minded person and am willing to give this line of thought a go. Although, I think there are a few questions needing answered.

It seems apparent that Unionists could maybe have something to do with all of this research.

Why is this research being undertaken now and not in the past or in the future? Timing seems to be a big thing in terms of when research is undertaken and when the findings are released, and this is at a time when the findings are being released during a big increase in anti-Scottish propoganda within the news. But why are they being released now? Surely, the Royal archaeologists had an inclination of all of this?

They discovered 155 camps in Scotland. Surely, after about 10 they would have realised the Romans were hingin aboot here? And if the didnae, are they all thick? Or could it be that they were postponing this sad news to a time when upsetting us would benefit them?

I want to know the beliefs of the people undertaking this research. What are their beliefs? Could their beliefs sway the direction of their research? Who funds this research too? They must have a say in the direction of thought?

One of my colleagues reckons that this is a map of where proganda has spread into our Pictish minds.