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In Topic: Minor Politician Banjaxed In T V Interview

Today, 10:42

Farage in 1983, apparently.

Nah, don't believe it

edit: just googled 'Nigel farage punk' and this is 1 of the 1st links:

In Topic: Spfa Manager Of The Year

Yesterday, 16:57

If it was just on league performance Neil would run away with it.  


If it was just on League Cup performances, McInnes would run away with it.


But it isn't, and it isn't!   :wave:

In Topic: Spfa Manager Of The Year

Yesterday, 16:40

McInnes or McCall for me.


Celtic were certainties to win the league - that's a given, unfortunately.

Lennon failed in all the big games, and was nowhere in any of the cup competitions.


McInnes has had (for Aberdeen) an amazing season.

McCall, again, has put together an almost new team that's done excellent in the league.


Hope Saints win the Scottish Cup - but beating Livingston, Forfar and Aberdeen in the cup isn't enough to win the manager of the year award - they've had some good results, but doesn't match the achievements in McInnes turning around a dire Aberdeen team, IMO


But aye, Lennon will win it

In Topic: Daily Express Front Pages

22 April 2014 - 07:27 PM

Folk on twitter saying that one version is referring to private pensions, the other to public.

Aye, ok...

In Topic: The Scotsman Car

22 April 2014 - 02:02 PM

There used to be a motel on the Las Vegas strip called the Tam o Shanter. It had a tartan bunnet motif and was the shytiest, most down-at-heel place on the strip (plenty down at heel places off-strip mind). 
Wonder what other cut-price products Scotland the Brand is associated with...

Can't remember if it was in Iceland or Germany that I saw a supermarket chain announcing some deals as 'Scotsmans prices'! (i.e. cheap!)