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In Topic: Jola Getting Telt!

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In Topic: Jola Getting Telt!

Today, 13:47

What does he say at the end? "hasn't your whole political life been ______"?

In Topic: Morning Call On Radio Scotland

Today, 13:01

Aye, heard that - his answer was "you'd have to ask the Yes camp, we just don't know whether there'd be border controls. Why create a new border"?

There's already a border FFS! Or is he saying Scotland and England aren't countries?
He's a fukkin list, he knows full well the boy could keep his British passport.

Quite a few folk, far from being stooges, had a go at him for not answering any questions.
Especially on what his plan A would be on currency if Scotland votes yes. The presenter even asked him how he could criticise Salmond for not having a plan B, when Labour won't even tell us what their plan A is!
All he would say is he thinks we should all vote No!

In Topic: "referendum Communication" From Bt

Today, 12:22

That may be true but you'll have to go without sex as we won't be allowed to use the pounding after independence.




Just as long as I don't use the pounding without their agreement  :blink:

In Topic: "referendum Communication" From Bt

Today, 12:02

I am scared that when the firends i have that live in England turn into foreigners i will hate them. :cry:


My (English) wife is looking forward to having an exotic "foreigner" as a husband!