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In Topic: Jack Harper Is Back

Today, 08:56

Want to add to that Jordan Rhodes, Richard Gough, Andy Goram, Stuart McCall?? Naw, me neither!

Only if they don't consider themselves Scottish. Pretty sure they all do, don't they?

In Topic: Jack Harper Is Back

Today, 06:41

How do you define a person's nationality?
Considering the unique situation the four home countries find themselves in, to limit our national team only to people who were born and live in Scotland is ridiculous and some what xenophobic.

1 way of defining it could be to actually ask them, "what is your nationality?"
I'm sure some of those players mentioned would say they were English. No problem with that, but they shouldn't be playing for a different nation

No-one is saying only people 'born or live in Scotland' should be picked. Only Scottish people should be picked.

And xenophobic?! Are you serious? International football is by definition xenophobic!
That's why there are any eligibility rules at all, to (try to!) make sure only people of certain nationalities can play for certain teams

In Topic: This Weeks European Qualifiers

Yesterday, 21:44

the celtic manager apparently had a wee dig at the smaller teams in the league dragging down the one big team...............

'But it's a problem in every small country. We maybe have one good team but the other ones are dragging that team down." - Victim FC 2014

In Topic: If It's 'no' Is That The End?

Yesterday, 14:23

If Devo Max was on the ballot paper it would be a landslide vote in favour. The SNP just don't fill people with confidence ref foreign policy and defence.

If WM we're interested at all in Devo Max it would have been on the ballot paper.
It isn't.
That tells you all you need to know about how interested they are in giving Scots more control over Scotland. That, along with what Carmichael said the other day.

Anything Lamont or Scottish Labour try to tell you about more powers after a No vote, is utter baws

In Topic: The Referendum Result

Yesterday, 14:12

In my experience polls are one dimensional with their sample. Most pollers take their sample from people who sign up to their panel, although there will be representation from all classes, incomes and demographics... It doesn't compare to chapping doors with a much larger sample size.

Edit: look at the polls for the 2011 election, polls had a Labour minority while we were finding a borderline SNP majority on the doors.

Cheers. Yes, encouraging to hear Yes folk are getting good results on the doorsteps.
Although I've seen many unionists on twitter (I try to follow folk on both sides), like oor pal Duncan Hothersall saying they are getting 100% No.

But from what I can gather, Yes has far more people on the streets so probably getting a bigger sample?

It would be nice to see a few polls in the next month or so put Yes in the lead though!

At the moment I'm worried - keep thinking there's too many fearties in Scotland, and tooany folk buy everything they hear from the media about how difficult things will be....

However, my faither, who has always been a 100% no said at the weekend (after a few drams) that he wanted to see the televised debate between Salmond and Darling before he decides.
Still can't see him voting anything but no though - but if it can convince other folk, then great

Pessimist in me, at the moment, says 47 Yes, 53 Not this time