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In Topic: Edinburgh Diplomats Forecast " Yes" Vote

Today, 13:34

I think the diplomats thing is quite significant. These guys aren't simply reacting to polls - they're speaking day in and day out with senior figures in the Westminster and Scottish governments. Now I'm guessing, as I'm sure they wouldn't take it as read simply from the Yes camp, that Westminster figures having been telling them that it looks like Yes could win.

In Topic: Taking The Saltire Down The Mast

Yesterday, 22:32

Guess the decision would have to be taken at a club meeting, and that meeting would be minuted. Minutes probably not online, but should be public record.

In Topic: Bbc Radio Referendum Debate Question

Yesterday, 22:17

"One of the main arguments against an independent Scotland is uncertainty. But staying in the UK has its own uncertainties such as whether we leave the EU in 2017 or how privatised our NHS will become. Is it fair to use uncertainty as an argument when it applies to both sides or is it a convenient deflection tactic?"

In Topic: The Cybernat Watch List

Yesterday, 13:57

First two I checked had no pro-Yes stuff on them and one of them was an avowed unionist. Pretty sinister stuff though.

In Topic: Neil Young

20 July 2014 - 04:53 PM

Heart skipped a beat when I opened this thread!


Yep, me too. Great song.