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Yesterday, 23:43



Game On!



In Topic: Indyref Opinion Polls

Yesterday, 22:41

46% YES with the don't knows removed: http://scotland-us.c...-poll-39-46-15/


Also one in the Sunday Post but no leak on that one yet.

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Yesterday, 19:48

Salmond is a dictator




I should just laugh when people say this, but it drives me up the wall. We had one old woman pass the street stall a couple of weeks ago and the nonsense she came out with was beyond belief.


"I'll be voting NO because I hate Alex Salmond"

"But you're not voting for Alex Salmond, your voting to see whether Holyrood or Westminster run Scotland"

"Doesn't matter, Salmond will run this country if I vote YES and it's all about his ego. He wants to be King"

"You do realise a NO vote is a vote of confidence in Cameron and the Tories"

"I hate Cameron too"


At this point I had to speak to a punter, so missed the end of the conversation. But what strikes me is that the NO campaign and the media have been incredibly successful in demonising a man who is far and away the least khuntish of all the major party leaders, and the only one who really cares for Scotland. There's still huge popular support for him as is highlighted by his ratings, but their portrayal of him as an evil dictator has resonated with the less bright. Fortunately I think a lot who don't like him will still vote YES, and many who will vote NO would probably have voted NO anyway.

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18 April 2014 - 09:49 PM

I mentioned this on another thread. Was raging, but at the same time it's all good for a few more YES votes.


But I think this is probably a good indication of just how uninformed they are generally about why we want independence. They're also taking it as a personal insult in many cases - why would they want to leave Britain, after all we've done for them?

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18 April 2014 - 08:08 PM

Salmond about to be 'reviewed' on Gogglebox.