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In Topic: Anyone Else Getting P*ssed Off

Yesterday, 22:25

Weekevie, agree 100% . I missed the Kiribati medal (quelle surprise) . That should have been big headline but we get teamgb / england wankathon... as per.

In Topic: Israel ?

Yesterday, 22:00

GS . Not really digging but balance /? 60=1600?

In Topic: Israel ?

Yesterday, 21:30

I'd suggest "indiscriminate" seems reasonable, 60 dead on on one side 1600 on the other ? Seems fair.

In Topic: Wwi Casualty Database.

Yesterday, 20:36

Jeezo. I currently live in a village which at that time had 12-16 houses. but including the "parish" area 6 folk died.And all names of people whose descendants I know today.

In Topic: This Weeks European Qualifiers

Yesterday, 20:30

Mulgrew is NOT a defender...never.